About Us

The RC Night Flying group is focused on trying to get the most information to help you make the simple modifications that can really increase the amount of enjoyment. We are a group of enthusiasts that encourage each other to learn new modifications.

Our Name RC Night Flying got its name from our first attempted modification that was an attempt to make a S107G that ccould fly outside. Obviously, the sensor could not function in daylight so we knew that it had to be a night time process. We added a high capacity battery, a more power engine, and a set of decorative LED's to help us see.

Our Other Projects We have completed projects on a large number of helicopters. One of the most enjoyable is setting up FPV on differrent copters. We have set up a number of Helis to fly from a go pro mount. The MJX FX45 is a the most enjoyable model to mod if you are new to the concept. However, we have also modified a range of cheap and expensive helicopters. If you have any ideas you would like to see please contact us now to let us know because we are always looking for new ideas.

Other Resources When I did my first repair, I absolutely ruined the helicopter. If it wasn't for the following websites I probably would have given up. Much of what I know has been accumulated from these websites as well as some practical tips. If you have any questions, I absolutely reccommend checking out these web sites for further information.