RC Battery Modifications

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OverviewThis is going to be the use of a soldering iron to upgrade a Syma 107G Battery . Be sure to do your research! The wrong battery will not work or can burn out the system. The most important factor is Voltage as too low will not turn the motor and too high will burn the engine. A second factor is the mah. The higher the mAH, the longer the battery can transfer current (mili-Ampere-Hours). It is ok to increase yyour battery mah to 150% but after that, the copter, may struggle to lift this oversized part. Look for your battery to the right, or buy a simple soldering kit below.

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Step 1 ClippingStep one is going to be clipping the wires that attach the old battery. These copters that have fixed batteries are not meant to be replaced, but since we are trying to upgrade, we have to overome this. So we are going to clip the wires on that old battery and expose the wires on the new baterry.

Step 2 solder Fairly self explanatory. The soldering kit I referenced earlier comes with a guide on the basics of soldering. A major dificulty is the thinness of the wires. For new solderers, merely wrapping the wires around each other should be enough contact to keep a fresh joint. After soldering, wrap with a thin amount of tape and fasten the new battery a little BEHIND where the old battery was. This will allow the copter to produce enough lift without being pushed forward on take off..
Step 3 Test and Enjoy! Give it a go! If the solders have too much tin, or you misplaced the wires, you will have to start over.